Kimberley Dahme of Boston

Kimberley Dahme is a hard-workin musician from Nashville who up until a few years ago split her time between playing in bands and selling songs. She accidentally became a member of the band Boston a few years ago, bringing a whole new attitude and stage presence to the band (she is much better looking that Tom and Brad in my opinion as well). She has dug right in and handles bass duties and anything else her boss throws her way.

Kimberley will be making the rounds across the USA this year with Boston. And while she still has to pinch herself to see if she is dreaming she can trust that this is for real. In fact, Boston is out with a vengeance and the rumor is there is more new music and possible a live DVD to come. She is a mommy as well and while the road can make it hard to be away from her family she has music in her veins and rock n roll in her blood. I sat down with Kimberley and discussed how she came to be in the little band out of Boston and what her new life is like.

Jeb Wright, June 2004

eb: My first thought is this: There is girl in the band Boston!

Kimberley Dahme: That is a normal reaction; I even had it.

Jeb: How did you get in Boston?

Kimberley: I was in the right place at the right time. I was playing in another band and Tom Scholz and Gary Pihl were out looking for a new drummer for Boston. They happened to see me onstage. I was playing electric guitar and singing in that band. Tom approached me after the show and asked me if I could play bass. I told him that I could learn. I immediately went back to Nashville and bought a bass and called their offices and begged for an audition. I ended up getting the part. I went into deep rehearsal mode for a year. The concerts come as second nature now but they took a great deal of wood-shedding at the beginning.

Jeb: Did you have any idea that Tom was in the audience that night?

Kimberley: I did. I am a huge Bos ebony porn ton fan. It was funny because as they approached me, Tom introduced himself and I told him,  I know who you are. I hate to tell you but you are kind of famous. I am a huge fan of his music. You can t get better than Boston and Tom and Brad Delp. I am very honored to be a part of this band.

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