Brad Delp Is Dead

Perhaps you're not the biggest fan of '70s superband Boston. Perhaps all you know of them is their contribution to Guitar Hero, "More Than a Feeling," which also happens to be one of the most awesome classic rock songs ever written. Or perhaps you're such a huge Boston fan that you have a painting of the cover of their 1976 debut album on your bedroom wall. Whoever you are, you should be mourning today, as word has come down that Brad Delp, lead singer of the band and a charter member of the Porn Moustache Hall of Fame, has passed away at the age of 55. As of right now, the cause of death is unknown, but authorities do not suspect foul play...which makes sense, really, because who out there really has a vendetta against the lead singer of Boston? Maybe the guy from Kansas?

Anyway, we're sad to hear about all this and, in honor of Delp, we've begun a 24-hour "More Than a Feeling" Guitar Hero marathon. If video games aren't your thing, be sure to pick some Boston the next time you go out for karaoke. Or just watch the YouTube video. Who are we to tell you how to mourn Brad Delp?

A message from Fran Cosmo


I would like everyone to join me in mourning the passing of Brad Delp, one of my dearest friends and co-workers, and one of the greatest voices in rock-n-roll. His friendship, his smile, and his contributions to rock-n-roll will forever be sorely missed.

~ Fran Cosmo