Boston to perform at Doug Flutie retirement

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One-Man-Band... Sort Of

25 July 2006

ImageFor those who came of age in the 1970s, they might recall the convoluted nature of music in the latter part of the decade. The landscape resembled a deep sea feeding frenzy, with an array of genres and bands jockeying for the public s attention and disposable income. As America s Bicentennial unfolded, punk had taken root on UK and US soil, glam was in its death throes, disco was in its infancy, Frampton came alive, and lumbering rock behemoths Led Zeppelin and the Who continued to bask in their respective glows as the planet s biggest concert draws.

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July 11, 2006

Retro-Active correspondent Ken Sharp spoke to Boston mastermind Tom Scholz about newly released reissues of the group's seminal first two releases -- Boston and Don't Look Back (Sony/Legacy).

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Boston Leader Shocked by Remaster Reviews

BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- Boston leader Tom Scholz wrote the hit, "Don't Look Back," but admits finding new pride in it when he started remastering the classic rock band's first two albums, "Boston" and "Don't Look Back."

In his words, "I kept hearing these guitar licks and hidden pieces that I hadn't heard in years and I thought, "Wow, I did that."

Scholz says the biggest surprise of the remastered discs has been the critical reaction. As he puts it, "I spent two weeks remastering these CDs and have gotten better reviews than for any album I spent six years working on. I should spend my time remastering."

That's exactly what he's doing. Scholz would like to take Boston out on tour next year but is currently working on a new studio album as well as remixing a CD of live recordings.

Happy 4th of July

Everyone knows one of the best 4th of July celebrations happens in Boston, along the great esplanade on the Charles River with world famous Boston Pops. Watch it on CBS tonight and celebrate!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July with their friends and family, enjoy the day! See you on the 5th. 

The FORUMS are CLOSED for the Holiday! Enjoy the day, really!

P.S.  Don’t jones over being forced not to post on the site for 24 hours! We ALL need a little break! If your really bored you can still browse the rest of the site and listen to all the great nuggets that are to be found in the Music & Downloads section.