The following statements made in response to recent allegations made surrounding Brad's Delp's death

The following statements have been made in response to recent allegations made surrounding Brad's Delp's death:

TOM SCHOLZ (BOSTON leader, friend and collaborator for 35 years):

I am sick over this incredible loss, it is the worst of my life.

Brad and I were both overly sensitive. We both became vegetarians and opposed violence, and it's probably the reason we lasted so long together as friends. He was the passive one and I was the feisty one, we were a good team while he was alive. Now that he is gone, I'm trying to be a little more like him.

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Scholz to Delp's ex: Stop blame game

The bitter feud between the surviving members of the band Boston exploded anew yesterday with band founder Tom Scholz firing off a letter to the ex-wife of singer Brad Delp demanding she stop making  statements in which you place any blame whatsoever on Scholz for Delp s suicide.

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What I have to say...[Pamela Sullivan]

On Christmas Day, 2006, Brad Delp asked me to marry him. Our wedding was to be on August 18th, marking seven years together. We shared a special bond that will be with me all my life. Bradley lived a private life, and I had hoped that his death might also be private.

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Discord in Boston After Delp Suicide

The band Boston spoke to people's souls during the 1970s with smash hits like "More Than a Feeling" and "Peace of Mind." But two weeks after lead singer Brad Delp's suicide at his New Hampshire home, bad feelings abound. Current members of the band, including the chief songwriter and founder, Tom Scholz, were not informed about or invited to Delp's funeral, which was attended by early band members who opposed Scholz in a 1980s legal battle.

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Suicide's victims

Our position: Knowing the signs of depression can help save some lives.

The recent suicides of comedian Richard Jeni and rock singer Brad Delp are tragic reminders that depression can touch everyone, including the rich and famous.

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