Dallas, TX - JULY 29, 2013. North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History s Greatest Rock Bands goes behind the curtain with the wizard of rock,Tom Scholz, for the 35th anniversary of Boston s second smash album Don t Look Back. Boston s self-titled debut album had blown up two years prior, becoming the # 1 selling debut album of all-time and keeping that title for more than three decades. The pressure to deliver again was monumental, and exactly two years to the month (August  78) Boston released Don t Look Back which would sell over 4 million records in just the first month of release and produce hits,  Don t Look Back ,  A Man I ll Never Be and  Feelin Satisfied . Shortly after the success of their second album, Boston s Tom Scholz found himself at the beginning of a long and protracted  David vs. Goliath legal battle with his record label Epic Records, which Scholz would eventually win seven years later. Tom describes some of the harrowing details of that ordeal to InTheStudio host Redbeard.

 To get into the position of controlling these major labels... these people are smart and ruthless; have clawed their way and destroyed the competition until they got to the top. You re not talking about a real sweet bunch of guys...A lot of people thought I was really stupid for not just kissing butt and going along with it, but I unfortunately can t help it. I m really rebellious by nature, and as soon as somebody does something to me that I think is wrong, I will not let it go. I just keep going with it until I m satisfied with the result, or I have nothing left to fight with.

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