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Jeb: If you could step outside of Boston for a moment and speculate why Boston is still able to headline arenas across the country and get ten thousand people a night when so many of their peers cannot.

Kimberley: Boston still has that great selling debut. They have followed it up with great albums. A lot of people are intrigued by the band. Now they have a girl in the band. I was really impressed when he turned down a lot of shows with multiple acts on the bill. He knows his music has got it going on. We do everything live. People get curious to see if we can pull it off.

Jeb: In the old days everyone said Boston played with tapes.

Kimberley: We don t and we refuse to do that, no matter what. We have never even done it when we were playing on television. We are off the cuff. We just step out there and go. It is like an actor who has not learned his lines until right before he steps out onstage. We keep it honest. I like the fact that Tom stands by no recorded sounds. With all the sounds that he has created in the studio one might think we are the band that might rely on taped sounds but we don t do any. We have too many great musicians in this band.

Jeb: Is it hard being a mom with little kids out on the road?

Kimberley: I am out during the spring and summer months but then I am home. I can go to the Boy Scout meetings and things. My mom moves into my house and takes care of them when I am gone. We all believe that if you love something then you should do it. It is hard emotionally but they do get to come out and visit me.

Jeb: People say that rock n roll is a man s game. You are a very beautiful woman and I am wondering if that makes it any harder for you than the guys?

Kimberley: Because I am not a man, I don t know. In everybody s opinion, men work the hardest [laughing]. It is only hard when I am missing the kids. When I am onstage then I am in my own world. I throw all my cares away and just play music.

Jeb: What do you think about Midwest rock n roll crowds.

Kimberley: We have played a few dates in the Midwest and there were torrential downpours but they didn t care at all. One time it looked like there was going to be a tornado so the band kind of got a little closer together onstage but the crowd didn t care. We just kept the music going and they just got us into it more. I really enjoy that the people are diehard fans and really get into the music.

Jeb: The Wheatland Jam is not an Evening With Boston. You have to share the bill. Does that make it harder?

Kimberley: I don t mind. I get to enjoy some music while I am waiting to go on. I can go out and watch and listen to some great music.

Jeb: You are the headliner. Blues Traveler will open for you.

Kimberley: Blues Traveler will be fun. I will go out and hang and listen to some music.

Jeb: I went to your website and there is another side to Kimberley.

Kimberley: I just got done recording another album. I am not sure where my solo career is going to go. I hope it is something for the future. Boston is my first choice of a band but after that then I concentrate on my music and because I am in Nashville and have a publishing company, I try to move songs to different songs to other artists. Either Boston records it, I record it or I sell it.

Jeb: When do you sleep?

Kimberley: I don t! I just bought a home too so I am trying to get everyone situated before I leave again so it is like oohhhhh!!!

Jeb: I heard Tom is going to remix Corporate America?

Kimberley: There is a lot of stuff we are doing. We are working on some new stuff as well. I told Tom that I just want to hear what is going on in his head. I am going up next week to record some vocals for Tom. We will see. I am up in the air just like you are. I don t know if he is just going to do a new one or a remix.

Jeb: I want a new one.

Kimberley: I m ready.

Jeb: Is Boston going to record a DVD this summer?

Kimberley: I am crossing my fingers and toes that we do it but I don t honestly have the answer to that. I really want to do it. It would be very exciting for me to be involved with the first real live release Boston has ever done. I know there are a lot of bootlegs out there but to be part of the first official one would be an honor. I would just be happy to see the DVD. I would probably just critique is and wonder how I could play that lick a little better.

Jeb: Is the set list going to be the same?

Kimberley: We are playing some new stuff and mixing things up a bit. I have been giving some new songs to learn, so we will see.

Jeb: What is your favorite kind of music?

Kimberley: Normally rock but there are times I listen to classical and I really like what you can do with lyrics within the context of country music.

Jeb: You need to put on a guitar and trade licks with Tom.

Kimberley: That would be very fun. I am feeling very comfortable on ebony porn the bass so I could even do that on the bass. Watch out!

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