A native of Walnut Creek, California, David Victor was raised listening to his dad's Beatles and Doors albums, among all the gems in his 60's vinyl collection. As a teen, David became fascinated with the acoustic guitar after hearing a friend strum a few chords, and began taking lessons. He was eager to learn from anyone who could teach him something. Practicing non-stop in all his spare time, he began teaching numerous neighborhood kids who also had the rock-and-roll bug how to emulate their latest guitar hero.

Victor joined a Top 40 band, and loved being a working musician in the bar circuit. He says, "I was making a living playing music which is all you want to do when you’ve spent your youth sitting in your living room learning how to play guitar. I had a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder and it was a great tool for recording and songwriting. I started singing because I needed vocals on my songs and singers were so hard to find. I thought I was a real guitarist, and we’d find one of those lead singers one day."

In 1989, armed with a degree in Computer Science from California State University, David kept pursuing his dream of music. He remembers, "The idea was that this degree would keep me gainfully employed, allow me to pursue my music and buy some desperately needed recording gear." Still wanting to play live, Victor put together an original band called Velocity in 1996, and for several years, they played shows throughout the western U.S., opening for bands like Warrant, Quiet Riot, Y&T and Night Ranger.

In '99, David moved to LA to pursue its live music scene. Finding it tough to develop a new act, David joined a tribute band and says, "Fortunately my first tribute band experience was positive and pretty relevant to BOSTON: it was called Smokin’, which was a tribute to BOSTON! Smokin’ played some fun shows and people always reacted really positively to the music." A fan of the music since BOSTON's debut came out, Victor recalls, "It was truly something new, a rock ‘n roll sound that blended great melodies with incredible production. I liked that the founder of BOSTON was a techie since I’d always loved electronics, audio and technology in general. My uncle was a military aviation radar technician and used to give me old pieces of gear like shortwave radios which I would take apart and sometimes put back together. One time I built a PC board guitar fuzz box that fit inside my Les Paul, and it actually worked!"

In addition to his own software development/IT consulting business, David keeps busy with two performing acts; BOSTYX, a tribute to the music of BOSTON & Styx, and Platinum Rockstars, a multi-artist classic rock show band. He has sung on a couple of tracks on BOSTON's latest work-in-progress. Tom Scholz says, "The moment I heard David sing in my studio, I knew he would fit right in. A good guy with great control and amazing range, who can really play ... perfect for BOSTON." Victor states,"BOSTON and Tom Scholz was one of my earliest influences and it is an honor almost beyond words to be asked to join them and become part of the history of this iconic band." David resides in Los Angeles.

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