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And what are your feelings about Barrys solo album from 1980. I remember I was quite unsatisfied with it back in the early 80s. I expected a more powerful Boston-esque album...
Brad Delp: "I still get a kick out of listening to that album today. It was a real fun project for me. I think Barry was in a bit of a difficult position to the extent that if the record sounded, "too much like Boston" some people would be disappointed, and others would be disappointed if it, "didnt sound enough like Boston". We really just set out to help Barry make His record. It was particularly satisfying to me because Barry allowed me to put a lot of myself into the lyrics and vocal parts."

Speaking about RTZ again. I remember when the first RTZ album came out. I remember I was really disappointed back then in the fluffy days. Now when I listen to it I like it a lot, but its not AOR, instead a more mature pop album. What is your feeling about it??
Brad Delp: "Again, I think there was a similar attitude, at least with Barry and myself towards making RTZ. We really didnt want to try and make a Boston album but, by the same token we werent going to try and make it sound different just for difference sake. I think it was a pretty honest representation of where we were all at musically at the time."

Tell me about The Arcwelder project. What is that for a CD? I havent heard it...
Brad Delp: "Im afraid Im as much in the dark about this one as you are. People have mentioned it to me but I dont know what project they are referring to. Perhaps you can shed some light on it for me."

What have you been doing between the different projects. Its very seldom I see your name as a studio backing vocals kind of guy like when youre on Peter Wolfs solo album...
Brad Delp: "I really havent done a lot of session work outside of working with Tom or Barry. I did sing some back up vocals on Peter Wolfs album Long Line because I person who produced it is a friend of mine and asked me to come down. Likewise I sang on some demos for a project Ben Orr was working on because I knew some of the other players who worked on it and they asked me to come over."

I heard about The Beatle Juice band. What is that for a band??
Brad Delp: "Beatle Juice is a band that was started about six years ago by me and a bunch of musician friends of mine. We were all big Beatle fans and we used to see each other socially and talk about putting a band together, for fun, that would really try and nail the songs, as close to the records as we could get. We didnt want to try and dress or act like them (there are five of us anyway) but we wanted to stay true to that sound that meant so much to us all. We play at a handful of small clubs in the Boston area (about three times a month) and weve developed quite a following of fellow Beatlemaniacs. The nice thing for me is that, while I meet some people at the gigs who may be Boston fans, ultimately everyone gets into the spirit of the Beatles music. We bill the band as All Beatles All Night which is what we do (no Boston songs), but Im always happy to speak with people after a gig and sign Boston stuff if they bring it with them. We dont ever want The Beatle Band (as I call it) to be anything more than a hobby. We only play when and where we want to and we like to be able to play as long as we want as well. Most shows run over three hours and there still isnt enough time to play all the great songs theyve written."

Did you have a project with Keith Emerson or was it just one track on that soundtrack Best Revenge?
Brad Delp: "This was something that I did a number of years ago (in the 80s) and happened because a lawyer who had done some work for me also was working for Keith Emerson and asked me if I wouldnt mind coming over to the studio where Keith was working to put down a vocal track. I had never met Keith before but I certainly was a fan. We went out to dinner and he gave me a cassette of the song he was working on (with another vocalist on it) and said the record company (or movie studio) wanted to change some of the lyrics. I rewrote a few lines and went in the studio the next afternoon and put down a fairly quick scratch vocal. As I recall, my flight was leaving town later that day and I got a quick cassette made before I left the studio. That was the last I heard about the whole thing until one day "Best Revenge" (the movie) came on cable. I watched the film and heard bits of the song but no vocals were used. I was surprised to see my name listed in the credits at the end of the movie when really none of what I had done was used."

What are ebony porn your plans for the near future?
Brad Delp: "I guess it would be the two Bs. Beatles and Boston (not necessarily in that order). When we did the last two Boston tours Walk On and the Greatest Hits tour, Beatle Juice went on hiatus. When Tom has no use for me in the studio or on the road, its great fun to play in Beatle Juice. I feel like a kid again playing all those songs I grew up listening to. I havent completely abandoned the idea of, someday, getting myself in gear and actually doing a solo album. Two of the guys from Beatle Juice, Muzz (the drummer) and Steve Baker (the keyboardist) helped me with some demos a number of years ago. Curiously, if it ever gets done, it wont sound like Boston or the Beatles. Its a little more in the R&B area with a slight Jazz edge."

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