When asked years ago for permission to use the BOSTON trademark for a fan-based website, I was flattered. The idea that some internet users were so enthusiastic about my music that they would form their own Boston website was exciting.

Of course I agreed, and made some small donations, but also made the decision to keep a "hands off" policy towards the site and its content. I really didn't want to interfere with any fan's perception of what BOSTON meant to them. Besides, I had my hands full writing, producing, and performing.

This meant that most of the information on the site came third hand from news articles, which I have found to be generally about 90% inaccurate. Some of these sources may also have been somewhat ebony porn hostile. We have plenty of detractors because we were too successful, because we avoid association with the sleazy element, because we were open about our strong ethical views, and because our surprise victory in the old CBS lawsuit spoiled any plans certain people may have had to exploit the name BOSTON.

In spite of all the wonderful sentiments that are shared on the site concerning BOSTON's music, the volume of misinformation on the site and the growing misunderstandings expressed in the postings have become more than an annoyance to band members and friends, who have repeatedly complained to me. Although most of you have been incredibly supportive and understanding, some are not.

Most people believe this "official" site is controlled by the band and don't know that it is a purely fan-based site. Virtually everyone who comments to me about the site asks why we allow the detrimental statements, and why we provide information that appears to benefit people who have interfered with our pursuits as BOSTON. It may come as a surprise to many of you, but nobody in the band, including myself, ever approved or reviewed any of the material presented here. In fact, until recently I had never read most of it, as I was constantly juggling the high demands on my time. (My last vacation was in 1997!)

We are very grateful for the excellent work done by our friends and listeners who created the site and maintain it; it is one of the best on the net. But the fear for us in the band is that many new listeners, and now the media, are coming to the site as a result of our new CD, and are finding false "facts" and less-than-flattering comments. There is speculation that the site has even been used as a tool by individuals who would like to see BOSTON fail. The musicians who have created "Corporate America" put heart and soul into this project for 4

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