CANDICE FISHER , Staff Writer 07/01/2004

After completing a tour promoting its latest album "Corporate America," the band Boston will be back on tour to help satisfy the demands of its fans.

"Boston is notorious for staying in the recording studio. We usually don't do tours back-to-back, but because last year went so well, we've decided to go back on the road again," said Brad Delp, one of the band's original members.

Although they will revisit some of the cities from last summer's tour, the majority of their performances will be in venues they did not visit last year. One of their stops will include Ameristar Casino-Hotel in Council Bluffs on July 25.

"We performed at the Iowa State Fair last summer, so now we're looking forward to performing in Council Bluffs," said Delp.

According to Delp, the tour will begin on July 13 and will end in late August. During that time, they will perform about 30 shows across the nation.

Until then, the group is preparing by rehearsing about 12 hours each day. Each show is about two hours long.

They will perform some titles off of "Corporate America" along with many of their older songs including "Amanda," "Don't Look Back" and "Peace of Mind," said Delp.

"Because we don't have a large catalog of records out since we started, we like to perform a lot of our older songs," said Delp. "But, our fans seem to enjoy them because they are able to sing along."

Ever since its start in the mid-70s, Boston has come a long way. Beginning in the basement of band leader Tom Scholz's, the group now includes seven members in all, each with their own style to add to the mix.

Along with Boston's two original members, Delp and Scholz, other members include Gary Pihl on guitar, keyboards and backup vocals; Fran Cosmo on guitar and vocals; Jeff Neal on drums and vocal; as well as its two newest members Anthony Cosmo and Kimberley Dahme who have each helped write songs along with providing extra vocals and instrumentation.

"We have a really great group right now. Everyone has their own style," said Delp.

After the tour, the band will go back to the studio to work on some new material, and perhaps, even put out a video of some kind.

"We've never done a video, so to speak. So, we're thinking about possibly doing a live DVD from this tour. It's not completely certain though."

The biggest part about doing the tour, however, is seeing their fans.

"It's really all about the live show; that's the fun part ... it's a different audience every night and seeing our fans singing along to the songs is just a great experience," said Delp. "We really look forward to doing this again."

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. with the show starting at 7:30 p.m. in Ameristar's Star Arena. Tickets are $30, $40 and $55 and are available through the Ameristar Box Office or through at (877) 444-2637 or at Discounts may ebony porn be available with an Ameristar Casino Star Awards cards. Star Awards points may also be redeemed for tickets.

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