Release Date August 2, 1978

Length 33:47
Label Epic
Catalog EK35050

RIAA Certified 7 Million Copies
Track Title Length  
1 Don't Look Back (Scholz) 4:45  
2 The Journey (Scholz) 5:03  
3 It's Easy (Scholz) 7:47  
4 A Man I'll Never Be (Scholz) 2:59  
5 Feelin' Satisfied (Scholz) 4:21  
6 Party (Delp/Scholz) 4:11  
7 Used to Bad News (Delp) 3:47  
8 Don't Be Afraid (Scholz) 4:46  
From the liner notes in the DON'T LOOK BACK 2006 reissue:


Vocals, Lead: All songs, The incredible Brad Delp
Vocals, Harmony: All songs, (still incredible) Brad Delp
Drums: Almost all songs, Sib Hashian (The Journey has no drums!)
Lead Guitars, Don't Look Back: Barry Goudreau: virtuoso intro, ending leads, plus slide, Tom Scholz: chorus and middle leads
The Journey: Tom Scholz, including effects gone wild
It's Easy: Tom Scholz
A Man I'll Never Be: Tom Scholz
Fellin' Satisfied: Tom Scholz
Party: Tom Scholz
Used To Bad News: Barry Goudreau
Don't Be Afraid: Barry Goudreau: cameo and middle wah slide leads, Tom Scholz: intro, verse cameo, verse intro leads
Rhythm Guitars, The Journey: Barry Goudreau
Don't Look Back: Tom Scholz
It's Easy: Tom Scholz
A Man I'll Never Be: Tom Scholz
etc, etc,
Organs: All songs, Tom Scholz
Piano: A Man I'll Never Be: Tom Scholz
Bass Guitar: Don't Look Back: Tom Scholz with cameo appearance by Fran Sheehan
All other songs: Tom Scholz
Hands n' Cans, Percussion: Tom, Cindy, Gloria, Rob, Sib, Fran

No Synthesizers Used, No,

No Synthesizers Used!

Bradley Delp - acoustic guitar, guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar, vocals, 12 string guitar, harmony vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar
Tom Scholz - organ, acoustic guitar, bass, guitar, percussion, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard, clavinet
Barry Goudreau ebony porn - guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar
Sib Hashian - percussion, drums
Jim Masdea - drums
Fran Sheehan - bass, percussion


Recorded and Mixed at Tom Scholz's Hideaway Studio, except piano on "A Man I'll Never Be" recorded at Northern Studio, Maynard, MA, Engineered by Dave Butler

Assitant Mix Engineers: Rob Rosati, Dennis Coscia and Eric Carr

Remastered in 2006 by Tom Scholz, Bill Ryan and Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southbourough, MA and Hideaway Studio II

All songs written by Tom Scholz, except "Party" written by Tom Scholz and Brad Delp, and "Used To Bad News" written by Brad Delp

ChartsAlbum - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1978 Pop Albums 1
1987 The Billboard 200 146

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1978 "Don't Look Back" Pop Singles 4
1979 "Feelin' Satisfied" Pop Singles 46
1979 "A Man I'll Never Be" Pop Singles 31


Original liner notes:

TOM SCHOLZ - lead guitar, acoustic and electric rhythm guitar, 12 string guitar, bass, piano, organs, special effects guitar
BRAD DELP - vocals
BARRY GOUDREAU - lead and slide guitar, percussion
SIB HASHIAN - drums, percussion
FRAN SHEEHAN - bass, percussion

Cindy, Gloria, Rob and Tom - hands in cans

No synthesizers used
No computers used


Assistant Engineers: Rob Rosati, Dennis Coscia, and Eric Carr
Mastered at Capitol Studios by Wally Traugott

All songs recorded and mixed at Tom Scholz' Hideaway Studio, except piano on "A Man I'll Never Be" recorded at Northern Studio, Maynard, Mass., and engineered by Dave Butler

Special thanks to Cindy whose unfailing support made this album possible, to John Boylan and Putney for their expert advice, to everyone who helped assemble and bail out the Hideaway Studio, and to everyone at Epic for being so patient.

Art direction: Tony Lane
Cover concept: Tom Scholz
Cover Artist: Gary Norman
Photographs © 1978 Ron Pownall
Management: Paul Ahern, Left Lane, Inc