Released June 7, 1994

Recorded 1994 Tom Scholz' Hideaway Studio

Length 44:24
Label MCA
Catalog MCAD-10973

Producer Tom Scholz

RIAA Certified 1 Million Copies
Walk On is the fourth studio album by Boston, released in 1994.
Track Title Length  
1 I Need Your Love (Sampson/Scholz) 5:33  
2 Surrender to Me (Laquidera/Scholz/Sikes) 5:34  
3 Livin' for You (Scholz) 4:58  
4 Walk On Medley: Walkin' at Night (Scholz) 2:02  
5 Walk On Medley: Walk On (Delp/Scholz/Sikes) 2:58  
6 Walk On Medley: Get Organ-ized (Scholz) 4:28  
7 Walk On Medley: Walk On (Some More) (Delp/Scholz/Sikes) 2:55  
8 What's Your Name (Scholz) 4:28  
9 Magdalene (Foulke/Scholz/Sikes) 5:58  
10 We Can Make It (Cedro/Scholz/Sikes) 5:30  
Matt Belyea - handclapping
Bob Cedro - rhythm guitar, special effects, handclapping
Fran Cosmo - vocals
Tommy Funderburk - vocals
Doug Huffman - drums
Gary Pihl - guitar, rhythm guitar, handclapping
Tom Scholz - organ, guitar, piano, strings, drums, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, clavinet, handclapping
David Sikes - bass, vocals

Producer: Tom Scholz
Engineer: Tom Scholz
Assistant engineers: Gary Pihl, David Sikes
Mastering: Ted Jensen
Arranger: Tom Scholz
Design: Ron Larson
Cover art concept: Andy Engel
Illustrations: Ron Larson

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1994 The Billboard 200 7

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1994 "I Need Your Love" Mainstream Rock Tracks 4
1994 "I Need Your Love" The Billboard Hot 100 51
1994 "I Need Your Love" Top 40 Mainstream 35
1994 "Walk On Medley: Walk On" Mainstream Rock Tracks 14

ALSO: Bob Cedro: arpeggio guitar on "We Can Make It". Gary Pihl: footsteps Walking On in time and Mothership on final approach. Michael Shotten: a few tweeter frying high notes sung with Fran in "I Need Your Love" and "Walk On". Tom Scholz: subsonic bass vocals, subaudible Portugese narratives and subliminal extraterrestrial vehicles. Tom, Gary, Bob, and Matt Beleya: clapping hands till it hurt

PRODUCED AND ENGINEERED by Tom Scholz with assistance from David Sikes and Gary Pihl

ARRANGED by Tom Scholz with a little help from his friends

SONGS WRITTEN by Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Fred Sampson, Galen Toye Foulke, Joe and Bobby Laquidara, Bob Cedro and Brad Delp

RECORDED AND MIXED at Tom Scholz Hideaway Studio II. A few vocal tracks recorded at One World Productions in Boston, and a few bass and guitar tracks recorded at David and Gary's home studios.

MASTERED patiently by Ted Jansen at Sterling sound in NYC
COVER ART Conceived by Andy Engel


I NEED YOUR LOVE - (Scholz - Sampson)
Fiction that becomes reality. Emotions can catch you by surprise, just like that first chord.

SURRENDER TO ME - (Sikes - Scholz - Laquidara)

LIVIN' FOR YOU - (Scholz)
This song is about loving someone, not losing someone. Sung by Fran, from the heart. (Sting prelude by the BOSTON Fill-harmonic)


Some people walk their dog at night, some people walk their guitar.

WALK ON - (Scholz - Sikes - Delp)
Dedicated to those who stand up for what's right when the rest of the world sits down.

A Hammond B-3 is a BIG organ.

WALK ON (some more) - (Scholz - Sikes - Delp)
Walk on a little more - for what you believe in.

For science fiction freaks (and people who think "E.T." was a true story).

MAGDELINE - (Scholz - Foulke - Sikes)
Harmonies from another galaxy by Dave and Tommy. Big "cellos" are played on a Les Paul through a Rockman.

WE CAN MAKE IT - (Sikes - Cedro - Scholz)
From a father to his son. Think positively and we can make it.


This album was recorded on reel - to - reel analogue tape. Most of the parts were performed in real time on vintage instruments, rather than digitally sampled, sequences, edited, and "flown in" by computer.

  • The hand claps are actually people clapping, not a drum machine!
  • The Hammond and Leslie are actually Hammond and Leslie, not a synthesizer!
  • The piano is actually a piano, not a sampler!
  • The wind is actually wind in real trees, not a noise generator!
  • The Clavinet and strings are actually... well, nobody's perfect!


Walk on is the 4th BOSTON album, completed 7 years after the release of "Third Stage". Following the end of BOSTON's 1987 U.S. tour, work was started on several new studio devices that would eventually be used to record this album. Development time stretched into years, including 2 years to design and build Hideaway Studio II. Progress was interrupted by a lengthy trial where BOSTON had to defend its right to make the best recordings possible, rather than fit the business plans of CBS Records, Inc. It was like David against Goliath without a sling, but the CBS lawsuit was finally defeated with a jury decision. Work on the studio was then completed, and recording began in November of 1990. 3 years later, after many all-nighters, a lot of heartbreak, and a mountain of tapes that didn't make it, the 87th version of "We Can Make It" came together and we were finished in December of 1993 -- piece of cake.


All guitars recorded direct through a Rockman or Ultimatum preamp.
Bass recorded direct through a bass Rockman.

Acoustic guitars: Guild G212NT, Yamaha APX9-12.
Organ: Hammond B-3 and Leslie 147.
Piano: Yamaha CP-70 through a Rockman Sustainer ebony porn and Chorus.
Drum triggers: Sapphire Percussion.
Cymbals: Zildjians through AKG 414's and custon sustaining system.
Multi-track master: Scotch 226 analogue tape (3M M79).
Mixdown master: Scotch 996 analogue tape (Scully 280-B).
Chorusing and Echo: all analogue Rockman.
Vocals: RE-20 mic, DBX compression and D-S.
Noise gating: Rockman Smart Gate.
Reverb: EMT gold plate, Lexicon 300

BOSTON doesn't take along sampler / computer / tape stored studio recordings of vocals or other parts to fake it when we perform on stage. We actually bring instruments and play them. See you soon...