Release Date: January 27, 2009

Original Released June 6, 1997

Recorded 1976-1997
Length 76:14
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UPC: 886974333623

RIAA Certified 2 Million Copies

Newly Remastered from original tapes By TOM SCHOLZ and new 16 page booklet that contains new photos, new liner notes.
Track Title Length  
1 I Had a Good Time (Scholz) 4:15  
2 Higher Power (Scholz/Sikes) 5:07  
3 More Than a Feeling (Scholz) 4:46  
4 Peace of Mind (Scholz) 5:04  
5 Don't Look Back (Scholz) 6:00  
6 I Need Your Love (Sampson/Scholz) 5:33  
7 Cool the Engines (Delp/Scholz/Sheehan) 4:38  
8 Feelin' Satisfied (Scholz) 4:10  
9 Party (Delp/Scholz) 4:07  
10 Foreplay/Long Time (Scholz) 7:50  
11 Amanda (Scholz) 4:16  
12 Rock and Roll Band (Scholz) 2:59  
13 Smokin' (Delp/Scholz) 4:20  
14 A Man I'll Never Be (Scholz) 6:41  
15 Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise (Key/Scholz/Smith) 2:44  
From the liner notes in the GREATEST HITS reissue:


After years of banging my head playing in unsuccesful bands around Boston, and attempting to record demos in local studios with other musicians, I finally realized this was a dead end. So in 1971 I gave up the glamerous life of U-Haul trucks, schlepping equipment and playing music that no one listened to, and went to work writing and recording alone in my basement. I had never quite gotten what I was looking for by showing bands how to play my songs in "real" studios anyway, and the clock annoyingly kept ticking off how many hundreds of dollars I would owe each time I tried.


My new plan was radical: use all my savings to build a basement studio instead of buying a house, and play all the instruments myself to get exactly the sound I was seeking. Well, almost... my drumming was terrible to nonexistent back then, so my friend Jim Masdea, helped out with drum arrangements. Then using the same overdubbing technique, Brad would sing not just the lead vocal, but all the harmonies and backing vocals as well.


In total we completed six demo songs this way. After years of being utterly ignored I suddenly began receiving inquiries about this unique "band'" including a phone call from a VP at Columbia Records to my cubicle at Poloroid, followed immediately by my jumping up and down on my desk, attracting significant attention from the department manager.


Eventually in 1976, Brad and I were signed to Epic Records and with help from many people of first album was released under the name BOSTON, featuring five of those songs from the demos, including of course, More Then a Feeling.


We had contributions from many talented individuals along the way, most of BOSTON'S songs were recorded in my basement with the same approach used for the original demos. A drum track was played to tape by Sib or one of our drummers (we've had eight, including me!) ant then I'd experimant with each instrument one track at a time, listening to the music come to life as each successive part was added. Finally Brad would do the same thing with the vocals, while I pushed the buttons.


Remastering these songs for the "Greatest Hits" was a labor of love with exhausting attention to detail. The collection now includes BOSTON recordings from all five studio albums spanning nearly 30 years.


Tom Scholz

Bradley Delp - acoustic guitar, guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar, vocals, 12 string guitar, harmony vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar
Tom Scholz - organ, acoustic guitar, bass, guitar, percussion, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard, clavinet
Barry Goudreau - guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar
Sib Hashian - percussion, drums
Jim Masdea - drums
Fran Sheehan - bass, percussion
Gary Phil - guitar
Production Remaster

All Tracks Remastered (2007) by Tom Scholz

Digital editing engineer: Bill Ryan at Hideaway Studio II
Mastering Engineer: Toby Mountain at Northeast Digital Mastering

Photos: Ron Ponwall
Art Direction: Kim Scholz
Photo Editing and Layout: Gary Pihl
CD Cover Art: Peter Bollinger (front) W. Sludmak (back)
Product Manager: John Jackson
Leagacy A&R: Steve Berkowitz

Special Thanks to John Baruck at Azoff Management, and Kim Scholz for all their help.