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Boston, the baby of MIT grad whiz, Tom Scholz, defied the odds of acquiring a label contract and ascending into the stratosphere of Billboard charts and radio play, by making their debut album, the self-titled Boston, the way that he wanted.

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Boston Re-Releases First Two Albums, Remastered for CD By Tom Scholz

NEW YORK, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Three decades ago marked the summer of 1976 and a band and album simply titled Boston. The 17 million-selling debut album and its 7 million-selling 1978 follow-up Don't Look Back remain two of the most enigmatic case studies of the modern rock era. Unjustly vilified as exemplars of so-called "corporate rock," they were, in fact, the same basement tapes that mastermind Tom Scholz submitted as demos. Their commercial release fooled the Company gatekeepers in one of rock's great deceptions.

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Looking Back at Boston

LOOKING BACK AT BOSTON: Two of rock music's most enduring landmarks of sonic grandeur are finally about to get grander. After 30 and 28 years, respectively, digitally remastered reissues of Boston's self-titled 1976 debut and its follow-up, 1978's ''Don't Look Back," will hit record store shelves on June 13.

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