Out on Tuesday, June 13th, are new editions of the first two Boston albums -- their self-titled debut from 1976 and its follow-up, 1978's Don't Look Back. They were overseen by group leader Tom Scholz, who jumped in after the label planned to release what he thought were sub-standard versions. Scholz told us that he worked tirelessly alongside a favorite engineer to get the updated CDs where he wanted them sonically: "We worked 12-plus-hour days, eight days straight, and literally went over every second, every beat, of all of the songs on the first two albums -- inch-by-inch, millisecond-by-millisecond. Made just thousands of small adjustments to make the mix into what it would have been if I had had modern do-dads back in the '70s."

The record company originally had someone else remaster the albums, and there were also some live bonus tracks included. When he heard what was happening, Scholz cancelled a birthday vacation to the Florida Keys back in March so he could take care of ebony porn things himself.


Source: http://www.therockradio.com

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