Sound ebony porn and Vision magazine's Vice President/Editor in Chief Mike Mettler recently did an interview with Tom as well. He states, "You've never heard Boston and Don't Look Back like this before. These remasters show just how far ahead of his time Tom Scholz was (and still is) -- they're two of the best-sounding CDs I've ever listened to. Run, don't walk (and don't look back!), and go buy these two classic discs immediately. Your ears will be glad you did.

I spent about 50 minutes alone just on 'More Than a Feeling.' What a difference! The bass on the intro is indeed much fuller. Brad's vocals are also much fuller, and even wider in scope. On previous CD versions, it's almost like he's singing through water. The difference is quite noticeable when he sings 'away' at the 0:40 mark, and especially 'away - hey' @2:26. The drums are punchier (you can feel the kick right in the gut), and cymbal and stickwork are crisper.In general, Brad's vocals are a revelation throughout both albums, making me feel like he was singing right in front of me. "A live interview with Tom will be broadcast in the future at in the near future. Check the site for further information.

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