By Victor R. Martinez
El Paso Times

Sometimes Kimberley Dahme has to remind herself that she is a member of her favorite band.

She still gets giddy around her rock 'n' roll idols.

"You have to pinch me," said Dahme, the bass player for Boston. "I stand right next to Brad, and I look across the stage and there's Fran and Tom and I'm like 'Somebody pinch me. This is crazy.'"

Boston - Dahme; founding songwriter, guitarist and producer Tom Scholz; lead singer Brad Delp; guitarist Anthony Cosmo; guitarist Fran Cosmo; guitarist and keyboard player Gary Pihl; and drummer Jeff Neal - will perform at 8 p.m. Aug. 13 at the Don Haskins Center.

"I still get stupid around Brad and Tom," Dahme said in a telephone interview from Toledo, Ohio, where the band recently performed. "I'm like 'Oh my God,' then I go, 'Oh, yes, I work with you.' It's a trip. They are amazing. All the guys - Brad, Fran, Tom, Jeff, Anthony and Gary. It's an honor being on stage with these guys."

Dahme became the first woman in the band about three years ago. She was playing guitar and singing with another rock and blues band in the Massachusetts area. Scholz approached her and asked if she could play bass.

"I thought it was just a pickup line," she said, laughing, as she did throughout the interview. "I thought he was joking. I wasn't sure, so as soon as I got back to Nashville, I ran to the nearest pawn shop and bought a bass and started working on it."

She called the Boston offices, begged for an audition and eventually got the gig of her dreams.

"I just knew I was not going to pass up an opportunity," she said. "I wanted to play with Boston."

Dahme has not grown tried of answering the same question in every interview: How does it feel being the first woman to play with Boston?

"It is still flattering," she said. "It's an honor, really. It is pretty cool. I was a huge fan. My brother had turned me on to them, and he always made sure that I sung the lyrics correctly. One of my first cover bands was a Boston cover band. It was so funny. I was trying to hit the notes that Brad was hitting at that time, but I wasn't achieving it."

She was in the sixth or seventh grade and growing up in central California, belting out "More Than A Feeling," "Don't Look Back" and "Piece of Mind."

"I tried, I gave it a good shot," Dahme said, stopping to release another laugh. "I think we played them in the garage a few times, and it didn't work out too well."

Dahme adds another vocal ebony porn element to Boston.

"I bring a lot of harmony so Brad and Fran can focus more on what they need to be doing, you know, with the leads and such," she said. "Now, all seven of us sing in the band so we can actually re-create the stacking vocals that were created on the albums."

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