Boston Exhilarated By Centrum Triumph

Boston Globe
Wednesday, August 26, 1987
By Steve Morse, Globe Staff

WORCESTER -- To commemorate Boston's historic nine-night run at the Worcester Centrum, Boston Mayor Flynn recently sent a proclamation to the band. It read: "Boston's appeal spans all generations of music lovers -- and the band will go down in the city of Boston's history as being as famous as Paul Revere, Faneuil Hall and the Old North Church."

"The mayor didn't give it to us in person but sent a proxy who actually read those words with a straight face," guitarist Tom Scholz laughed after Monday's final show.

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Home is 9 Nights at the Centrum

Boston Globe
Thursday, August 13, 1987
By Steve Morse, Globe Staff

Boston is coming home. After setting attendance marks around the country -- including a record 82,000 fans at the Texxas Jam in June -- the band tonight begins an unprecedented nine shows at the Worcester Centrum. That is five more nights than any group has ever booked during a single stretch there. And it is only one shy of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band's record 10 shows at the Meadowlands in New Jersey two years ago.

"The Centrum dates are without a doubt the high point of the tour -- and I think I could say with relative accuracy the high point of the careers of all six musicians," states Boston's lead guitarist and producer, Tom Scholz.

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Boston Opens Three Night Stand

Philadelphia Enquirer
Friday, June 26, 1987
By David Hiltbrand, Special to The Inquirer

In terms of rock history, last night was an eagerly awaited occasion, when Boston, performing in Philadelphia for the first time in nine years, opened a three-night stand at the Spectrum.

Musically, it was pretty ho-hum, as Boston ran through a medley of early hits before playing Third Stage, their latest album, in its entirety.

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New England Reunion in Texas

Boston, Aerosmith and Farrenheit play for 82,000 at Cotton Bowl
Monday, June 22, 1987
By Steve Morse, Globe Staff

DALLAS -- Bostonians stood tall in the Lone Star State this weekend. The 10th annual Texas Jam -- played in 96-degree heat before a record-setting 82,000 fans at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday -- was a crowning moment for Boston's rock 'n' roll community.

Three of the six bands at this all-day swelterfest call the Land of the Cod their home. Farrenheit, Aerosmith and the headlining act Boston, gave the Texas Jam an unprecedented Yankee flavor.

"Between us, Boston, Aerosmith and all our crews, it feels like a New England reunion!" beamed Charlie Farren, sitting gratefully in an air- conditioned trailer behind the stadium.

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THE 1970's aren't over yet

THE 1970's aren't over yet.

Not, at least, in record stores or on radio stations, where Boston's ''Third Stage'' has become one of this year's blockbuster albums, rising almost effortlessly to No. 1. ''Third Stage'' has all the hallmarks of a 1970's hard-pop album - the stately tempos, the grandiosely meticulous arrangements, the histrionic lead vocals and clarion high harmonies, and lyrics along the lines of ''I'm gonna say it like a man/And make you understand/Amanda/I love you.''

These add up to what FM radio's ''album rock'' programmers call anthems, songs that use rock instrumentation to beef up ballads. On stations that play primarily the recent oldies known as ''classic rock'' - big hits from the 1970's - ''Third Stage'' fits right in. The album has received saturation exposure since its release.

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6 Years in Seclusion Boston has an Album

Sunday, October 12, 1986
By Steve Morse, Globe Staff

Tom Scholz of the band Boston nearly became an inmate of his basement studio in the Boston suburbs, laboring over guitar parts, melodies, harmonies, lyrics and sound mixes. He often worked from dusk until dawn -- twisting recording knobs in an obsessive-compulsive dance of which only he knew the choreography.

The days turned to weeks ebony porn . . . the weeks to months . . . the months to years and years.

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Boston's Goudreau: On The Record

Sunday, August 31, 1980
By Steve Morse Globe Staff

Life has been good to Barry Goudreau, the rhythm guitarist for the platinum-selling band, Boston. His modern, split-level home rests high on a hill overlooking the ocean, while outside his huge living room picture windows are the more immediate pleasures of a sun deck and swimming pool. Downstairs he has a well-stocked, temperature-controlled wine cellar, and when he leaves home he steps into one of his three automobiles - a Mercedes, Porsche or 1965 Corvette.

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