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Latest NewsBoston Hyper Space Tour

Have you ever wondered how the unearthly sounds that you hear on a BOSTON album actually happen? See for yourself this summer at a live show on BOSTON's Hyper Space Tour!  Always a huge crowd pleaser with their high-energy stage show, other-worldly sound, and exceptional musicianship, BOSTON prides itself on performing a totally live show, delivering an extraordinary experience.

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More Tour Information

  • 2017 Tour

    The trucks are getting loaded up!
    Visit the tour section for the latest updates to show dates and venues. This information will be updated often as dates are confirmed.

    Special offers such as advance presale tickets and fan meet and greets will be announced in our community.
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  • Concert Photos

    You have front row and center seats get your all access photos of Boston.
    Unprecedented ALL ACCESS photos take you close-up to all the action on stage and backstage.
    Our photo library spans from the 2016-2008 Tours.
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  • Unprecedented Access

    You have front row and center seats get your all access photos of Boston.
    All of our photographs are printed on archival quality paper with your option to frame and print sizes up to 30" X 45".

    Choose from a large selection of prints, books, albums, greeting cards, specialty items and memorabilia.
    All orders are shipped directly from the printer within 24-48 hours.
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Boston vocalist belted soundtrack of youth

One of the coolest voices of '70s arena rock was silenced a couple of weeks ago. Brad Delp, the man with the trademark voice of Boston, had a history of depression and killed himself by asphyxiation. He was 55.

He left a legion of fans to mourn the loss  myself included.

I was first introduced to Delp's soaring voice in 1976, when I was in third grade. Boston's self-titled debut album was released and the first single, "More than a Feeling," was heard all over the radio. The crisp harmonies took me away into the vast reaches of melody. A friend had the album  I'd go to his house, and we'd both try to sing ebony porn along and hit those sky-high vocal notes.

When the follow-up album "Don't Look Back" came out in 1978, I decided that the title track, about breaking free and living your life the way you want, was my favorite Boston song. And that still holds true today. Every time I hear that trademark opening guitar lick, I instinctively turn the volume knob up a few notches.

After eight years, a few lawsuits filed by former band members and a record label, Delp's voice returned to front a new version of Boston, complete with founder/guitarist Tom Scholz. The release was called "Third Stage." The album was released the first month I was in Japan serving an LDS mission. I had waited eight years for the album, and when it came out I couldn't listen to secular music.

Anyway, "Third Stage" was the first album I bought when I returned home two years later. And while "Don't Look Back" is my favorite Boston song, "Third Stage" is my favorite album.

Delp appeared on four of the five Boston studio albums. The album he didn't do was the band's fourth, "Walk On," released in 1994. He was involved with another band, RTZ (Return to Zero), and couldn't break free, although he was given a songwriting credit to the album's "Walk On" title track.

Delp returned to the band in time for the subsequent tour, which made a stop at Wolf Mountain, now The Canyons in Park City.

In 1997, one of my dreams was fulfilled. I was able to interview Delp a couple of weeks before Boston came to play at the David O. McKay Center at Utah Valley State College. He was the nicest guy I've ever talked with, shunning compliments about his voice and redirecting it toward Scholz. "I credit Tom for coming up with a sound that's so recognizable," he said. "And how he helped me with my voice development was great."

In 2002, the fifth Boston album, "Corporate America," was released. It will go down in history as the band's weakest. Even Delp's powerful voice was toned down to just a couple of songs, and even then, it was hard to recognize.

The group scheduled a return concert to UVSC that year but canceled at the last minute.

Boston will always have a special place in my heart. It was a big part of the soundtrack of my youth.

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